God, Love, Pride

The faith, opinions and belief systems that congregations and other fellowships are made up of often provide a strong sense of belonging and of being safe within the group. Sharing faith, values and having the same elevated hope can be very forceful. But what happens to those who can’t believe what is being preached or that which ”is written”? What happens to those who dare to question fundamental ”truths”? What does it do to a person to constantly be judged for their personal feelings? And what happens to a person who discovers their homosexuality while having been told their entirelife that homosexuality is a most serious sin? I have, for some time now, met people from the LGBTQ+community with backgrounds in religious or other strongly defined groups. Most of them have experiences of creating a new life, making new friends and redefining families after severing connections to their “previous life”. I have asked them to write down a defining experience, event or memory as a symbol of their journey, and from those chosen words I have planned and developed individual pictures. Stand-in models have been used in the pictures whenever the participant chose not to be in the photo. Each participant has approved their picture. This is an ongoing art photo-project that welcomes new participants. So, if you as a person with LGBTQ+ experiences would like to tell your story, do not hesitate to contact me!

These are their stories.

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